Hatch Valley End of Irrigation Season Date

Posted by Karen Ray on June 4, 2018 6:23 PM

The proposed schedule for the end of the 2018 irrigation season in the Hatch/Rincon Valley is estimated to be over on June 15th. Our budget of 25,785 acre feet will be depleted near that date. Our current order for the Arrey including river pumps is 250 cfs and we have diverted 18375 acre feet, leaving us 6952 acre feet. Of that diversion we have diverted 7800 acre feet to farms, for an efficiency of 42%. There is still a remaining 8200 acre feet left. Unfortunately, that will leave some farmers with balances left.

We will make Friday June 8th our last order date for the Hatch Valley. This will help with planning our delivery to orders currently on order. As always we will assist those that may have missed the deadline if we can. Priority will be given to those who have an order in. We will keep in close communication with farmers as we move along from this point until we run out. If you have any questions please contact the EBID Water Order Department at 575-524-8003.

Thank you!