EBID Begins Piping Project – Picacho WHEN

Posted by Karen Ray on December 6, 2019 5:36 PM

EBID’s employees have installed many miles of pipeline across the District. This winter they’ve begun work on another section, the Nusbaum Lateral, that is part of a larger, grant-funded project called the Picacho WHEN. Piping the entire 2634 feet of the Nusbaum Lateral, which is at the very tail end of the Picacho branch of the Leasburg irrigation system, will reduce seepage and improve delivery to constituent farmers. The water saved by this project’s conservation measures will benefit all EBID members.

Piping saves, on average, about 385 acre-feet of water per mile of piped lateral per year. The improved delivery efficiency increases the amount of surface water available for allotment and delivery. A piped lateral can also improve delivery flow and pressure and delivery timing which improve on-farm efficiencies.  Required maintenance is also significantly reduced by piping laterals. By first piping the sub laterals off the main canal that constantly fill up and dry out, the District will greatly increase the efficiency of maintenance and operations in surface water management.